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Florida Schools

The following Florida schools offer special programs for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children.  If your county is not listed below please contact your school board for a list of schools that support deaf/HH children.

Florida School for the Deaf & Blind
    Florida’s public boarding school for eligible students who are deaf or hard of hearing, or blind or           visually impaired. Fully accredited, serving students in preschool through grade 12. Get the facts
about FSDB.

    Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech
    9857 Old St. Augustine Road, Suite 6
, Jacksonville, FL  32257
    Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech provide children who are deaf and hard of hearing with the        listening, learning, and spoken language skills they need to succeed.  Currently, our five campus           locations include Boston, Jacksonville, New York, Northampton, and Philadelphia. 

   The McKay Scholarship
    If your child has an IEP or 504 Accomodation plan, this may be of interest to you. The following are            copies of the McKay Scholarship letter (from Orange and Semiole County) which is mailed to the homes     of children in Florida who may be eligible in the upcoming school year:
    Seminole County McKay Letter
    Orange County McKay Letter

    Orange County Schools
  •     Blankner School (Total Communication) Middle School
  •     Kaley Elementary (Oral Communication) Pre-K & K-5
  •     Lake Sybelia Elementary School  (Total Communication)  Pre-K & K-5
  •     Boone High School, (Total Communication)  High School


    Brevard County Schools
  •     Quest Elementary, (Oral Communication) Pre-k
  •     Harbor City Elementary, (Auditory-Oral)  Pre-K

    Duval County Schools
  •     Southside Estates Elementary (Auditory Oral)
  •     (moving to Waterleaf Elementary School 2011-2012)
  •     Pinedale Elementary (Total Communication)
  •     Landmark Middle (Auditory Oral)
  •     Stilwell Middle (Total Communication)
  •     Atlantic Coast High School (Auditory Oral)
  •     Ed White High School (Total Communication)
    Lee County Schools
  •     Allen Park Elementary (Total Communication) Pre-k

    St. Lucie County Schools
  •     Oak Hammock K-8
  •     St. Lucie West Centennial

    Seminole County Schools
  •     Crystal Lake Elementary (Total Communication) Pre-K & K-5
  •     Altamonte Elementary K-5
  •     Greenwood Middle School
  •     Lyman High School
  •     Seminole County Audiology (located at Altamonte Elementary)

* In addition to the students enrolled in the “site” school programs, students who are deaf/or hh
   are served in their neighborhood schools/programs by Itinerant Teachers of the Deaf/HH.

    Methods of Teaching
  • Total Communication programs use speech and sign language
  • Oral Communication programs focus on speech and do not use sign language
  • The Auditory Oral approach is a method in which children learn to use whatever hearing they have, in combination with lipreading and contextual cues (speech reading) to understand and use spoken language.
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